Tips for Helping You Step Outside Your Comfort Trap

While closing your eyes may help you avoid looking at things you do not want to look at, for conquering fears that leave you immobilized, you need something extra. One of the major reasons why we are not willing to work outside our comfort zone despite knowing better is that in familiar surroundings, there is hardly anything to be afraid of. Even if something does leap at us from behind the bushes, we already know that exact place to run for cover.

While that is wonderful news, the not-so-wonderful news in this ordeal is that our real progress actually happens outside our comfort zone. Following are some tried-and-tested-tips to help you conquer your fears and crossing every bridge, no matter how shaky it may be.

1: A Little Fear is Completely Normal…And Even Recommended:

The chances of you finding a method that would never make you break into a sweat again are pretty slim. It is important for everyone who wants to break out of their comfort trap to realize that everybody experiences fear and anxiety before doing something they have never done before.

We all have that Inner Voice that surfaces every now and then, asking us what we would do if we fail? And if that happens, you need to answer back to your Inner Voice with another question: what if I fly?

Some experts actually recommend having a little bit of stress and fear in our lives as it makes us work harder. The trick is to find that balance between being afraid and having enough confidence in yourself to pull through.

2: Surround Yourself  With the Cight crowd:

Being positive on your own is going to be of immense help in helping you step outside your comfort trap. Surrounding yourself with the kind of people who are also positive is just as important, and in some instances, even better.

Imagine wanting to apply for that job you always wanted when suddenly, your “friend” starts narrating a story she heard about the management team of that organization and how they are notorious for never treating their employees right.

Has your friend worked for that organization themselves? No. She is telling you a second hand opinion which still does a good enough job of making you second guess everything… even yourself. Then, you go back to your 4 walled comfort zone.

Instead, look for people who force you to see the good in yourself, even when you don’t feel particularly peachy. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to work outside your comfort zone.

3: Ask for Help:

There is always somebody who has been in your shoes and can help you climb your way up the hill so much faster… if only you would ask them. Thinking that someone is going to think lowly of you just because you asked them something which you think is silly is faulty thinking. They can help you so much by telling you tips that can really help you work outside your comfort zone.

Never shy away from asking for help. You never know what you may get to learn from them. You do not always have to make your own mistakes to learn a lesson; you can be wise, save time and learn them from the mistakes someone else made.

4: Don’t Waste Time Thinking About It:

Other than being Nike’s tagline, Just Do It is also a valuable tip for anyone who wants to leave their comfort zone and step on to the Land of the Brave. Most people when thinking about working outside their comfort zone end up just thinking about it rather than doing something about it.

If life has been kind and presented you with an opportunity that could potentially lead to somewhere more exciting, don’t spend all your time thinking about it. Utilize that time to come up with a plan that would help you maneuver your way and just go for it. Say yes to whatever change is coming your way and figure the rest of your way, as you go along.

5: Challenge the Way You Think:

If taking risks is something which you don’t enjoy, then change the way you think about them.

Taking risks does not have to be such a stress inducing experience. You can train yourself to like challenges rather than abhorring them by considering them as just another opportunity that could lead to self-discovery and growth.

More than that, with each subsequent challenge that comes your way and you win them one by one, think about how your confidence level will sky-rocket.

6: Make Breaking Your Boundaries a Regular Habit:

By regularly breaking your boundaries, your comfort zone will grow by leaps and bounds. Every time you have accomplished one task, you will automatically be upgrading your own Level of Difficulty. If you remain at it, you will become someone to reckon with.

7: Learn to Trust Yourself:

Since you are the main player of this game, you need to trust yourself. The easiest way of doing that is accepting that there will be some things that will work in your favor, there will be some which won’t. You cannot hold a grudge against yourself by never forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made in the past. As they say, aim for the moon, even if you don’t make it till the moon itself, you will land somewhere in the stars.

Point being, that even when you lose, there is always a silver lining. You never go home empty handed. And this is the best thing about taking risks and stepping outside your comfort trap.


What else do you think is necessary to help you work outside your comfort zone?