Why Stepping Out of Your Comfort Trap is Crucial for Success?

You give your all to your work. You don’t skip it, you meet all the deadlines, you even stay overtime when required, your boss is happy with your work too and yet, every time somebody asks you if you think you have made it in your life, you can’t help but think if you really have what you are looking for, or is there something else bigger, better out there?

While there may be three hundred (or more) reasons to why you don’t think, you are successful, one of the major reasons out of these is being a part of something that does not challenge you or your potential. Think about it for a little while. When does that feeling of accomplishment really set in? For starters, it’s when you realize that you have done something huge, something that even you didn’t think you could pull off, but you did.

Re-read the last sentence.

Something that even you didn’t think you could pull off, but you did!

In other words, you stepped out of your comfort zone.

Whether it is business dealings or personal relationships, taking risks is of immense importance. People who shy away from taking risks stay in the same place; they become stagnant. Likewise, no growth happens in stagnant places. Feeling threatened of the unknown is a natural emotion, but letting it stop you from exploring opportunities is absolutely toxic to your success.

How far you plan on stepping out and away from your comfort zone is another crucial aspect that needs to be dealt with a lot of attention. Experts call “finding your Goldilocks Zone” when it comes to deciding how far should you leap out from your comfort trap.  We all remember how Goldilocks’ story went. The things she liked were neither too this, or too that; instead, they were just perfect.

So, what does a story about a girl with golden curls who lurks into a house of 3 bears teach you regarding how far should you step out of your comfort zone? The lesson here is to be realistic when you are about to break your limits. For example, if you have always wanted to swim but have never attempted to do so, jumping to the deeper end of the pool would be the equivalent of eating Papa Bear’s extremely hot porridge.

You need to find out just the right depth of the pool to swim in, which is neither too shallow nor too deep, to break your boundaries and emerging successful out of it on the other end.

So, one thing is for certain; success comes to those who are willing to work for it, who are willing to venture out of the familiar, into the unknown and take risks. However, you need to be extra careful while calculating the amount of risk you need to take.

Simple Ways of Attracting More Success in Your Life:

There are plenty of small steps that you can take to attract more success, opportunities and happiness into your life.

While stepping out of your comfort zone and breaking boundaries is one major part of the process, let us have a look at some other things you can add to your routine to be more successful.

Reflect Daily:

In our otherwise very busy lives, it is important to take some time out and reflect upon all that you have and all that you really want. Being grateful for what you have will help you realize that things are not always as bad as they seem. This will also help get the negativity away from you.

Filtering Out the Unnecessary:

So many people struggle in reaching towards their destination because they have too many distractions along the way. You need to figure out what is your definition of success and then go towards it. Do not think about doing things just to impress other people. Don’t waste your time, energy and money over things that have less to do with you and more to with others.

Celebrate the Small Moments:

Instead of beating yourself up about the little mistakes you made here and there, one important tip to be more successful is to celebrate those little moments of success as well. If speaking to strangers makes you anxious, congratulate yourself for not freaking out when the random person asked you for directions and you gave them to him.

Tell the Universe What You Want:

Paint a picture of whatever it is that you want, could be your dream job, your dream relationship and send it out to the Universe. The law of attraction states that whatever you send out into the realm is exactly what is reciprocated to you. So if you want success, why not send successful vibes, too?

The more negatively you think, the more negative you will see. It is that simple. So to attract success, you need to have a proper vision.

Think for Yourself:

Part of being successful is getting help from others when the need arises, but mostly doing all the hard work yourself. This hard work especially includes thinking for yourself.

People will tell you that you want this, you need that, but you use your common sense and direct your way.

Help Others:

There are fewer things which can bring you genuine happiness than helping others…without expecting anything in return. If you can help someone out from a fix, always do it. Instead of expecting your favors to be returned from those people, the Universe will reward you by opening up different paths for you to tread on.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and going after what you really want should be one of your top goals in the coming year. What other goals do you have?