Overcoming Panic Mode – How to Conquer Uncertainty and Achieve Control

Overcoming Panic Mode – How to Conquer Uncertainty and Achieve Control

When it comes to uncertainties in the world and the way we’re living our lives nowadays, how is it that more people aren’t concerned with the path we’re taking?

As someone who suffers from anxiety and panic disorder, this question may often find its way to you. You might feel disconcerted about the lack of empathy the global population has. There’s just so much that’s out of our control, so much that’s going wrong, that you can’t help but feel a little scared and a lot panicked.

And the truth is, you aren’t wrong to feel so.

Being a person who suffers from panic attacks, this global situation is more intimidating to you. With things being so uncertain in your regular life, knowing that the world isn’t exactly a hunky-dory place can only increase your anxiety. And in some moments, that can lead to you having a panic attack.

Overcoming Panic the Right Way

Even though the world is being educated on panic attacks and the causes of it, there’s still a bit of a taboo around the whole subject.

If you’re having a panic attack, some may call it an overreaction and might simply tell you to get over it.

Firstly, if there is someone who recommends that you get over it and don’t overreact! Cut them from your life. Panic attacks are not a made-up condition. With around 3.3 million American adults seeking treatment, it’s important that you have positive reinforcements as support, instead of someone who doesn’t take you seriously.

Second, deal with your panic the way you would any other ailment. Often, we’re told (even by professionals) to make ourselves strong, not let it overtake our train of thought and not to succumb to it, and use logic to deal with the issue. But the truth is that when you have a panic attack, when you’re overtaken by that helpless feeling that you have no control over anything in your life, even common sense and logic flies out the window.Panic attacks make you feel like you’re dying, even when you’re clearly not. But that feeling is so overwhelming that you’re instantly convinced it’s the end.

That’s what we must deal with.

Helpful Tips for Dealing with Panic Attacks

  • Make a playlist of songs around 60 BPM – These songs are the most effective when you’re having an anxiety or panic attack, since they distract you while gently slowing your heartbeat.
  • Concentrate on humor – When you feel like you might be getting a panic attack, open up something funny like a childhood cartoon or a comic and follow along. Use those visuals to pull you in.
  • Write down what triggered your panic –This is for future reference. During your attack, it might become clear what triggered it. Once you know, you’ll have a better chance of recognizing the trigger and distancing yourself from it.
  • Get some cold air –Even if it’s the middle of winter, crack a window open and get some cold air. A symptom of panic attacks is that you start feeling suffocated. The cold air will pull you away from that.


Life will always give you something you have no control over, something which you don’t know for certain. Your job is to realize your abilities and limitations. Rather than being afraid of uncertainties, treat them as a challenge.

Instead of getting trapped in that comfort zone you’ve built around you, use effect stress-coping strategies to become stronger and bolder. That’s the only way you’ll be able to overcome your fear and panic.