Leaving Your Comfort Trap Behind: The First Step

Taking the first step can be intimidating. The reason why it is so is because of the fear that surrounds us before we finally take that plunge we have been meaning to take.

It is crazy how this first step being the hardest applies to even the most mundane activities in our lives. You have a long list of things to do; cleaning the house, doing laundry, taking the dog out for its daily walk, meeting up for drinks with friends and doing all that pending office work that you brought home over the weekend.

Here’s the only tip you truly need: Just start doing it! You honestly would achieve so much if you start doing it rather than procrastinating about it.

The same theory applies to more serious things in life as well. For example, let’s take someone who passionately dislikes addressing groups of people. This activity is clearly not their forte and they know it. This realization leads to realizing another chain of thought, like thinking how they are going to make a fool of themselves in front of all those people by saying the wrong thing or worse, blanking out and not saying anything at all.

No matter how hard such a person prepares for their upcoming presentation, they cannot seem to get the thoughts of impending doom and embarrassment out of their head. The more they think about it, the stronger the nauseous feeling gets.

Finally, the day of the presentation arrives. The said person arrives at the place, dressed to the nines but sweating profusely from everywhere. They remember reading something about chewing gum and taking deep breaths before taking the stage. They do that.

The heads of the board take their seats and much to our person’s dislike, all eyes are on him. It is show time. Everyone is waiting for the person to speak up. There are 10 people in the room, except it seems like there are 20; everything is a bit hazy.

After taking another couple of emergency deep breaths and chewing extra hard on their gum, they finally, finally utter the first word which leads to another couple of words and then leads to a complete first sentence.

The first, extremely shaky, extremely difficult step has been taken.

After the first step, the person begins to feel the knots in their stomach loosen up just a little. They uttered one complete sentence without fainting. They finish another sentence, and another…

The fear of making a fool out of themselves is still visible, but it is growing more and more distant which each sentence. Before the person knows it, they are done making the first point of the meeting.

Taking the First Step to the Rest of Your Life:

Success is a process. There are steps to it. And once you take that first step, things become easier for you as it was demonstrated in the example stated above.

Here are some tips to help you take the most crucial step to get out of your comfort zone.

Embracing Imperfections:

First off, you need to remind yourself that success that is worked for always tastes sweeter than the one which is just handed over to you. When working for that goal, understand that you will make errors, and many of the steps you take, may end up with you stumbling a little.

And that is perfectly okay.

You are breaking out of your comfort trap as a human being, not a machine. Mistakes and errors are just part and parcel of the process. Do not let these temporary hurdles keep you from what you really want in life.

Be Focused:

In order to take that first step, you need to steer clear away from all the things that can distract you from the process. This will need some homework, and it doesn’t involve only figuring out the things that distract you, but also the choices you make on a daily basis that potentially drive you away from your path rather than towards it.

Be Your Own Plan B:

Not everybody is blessed with good friends and family, but that doesn’t mean they are all alone. They still have themselves. Have a relentless kind of belief in yourself that no matter what happens, you will be able to take care of things.

Stay Positive:

The Law of Magnetism goes something like this that you end up attracting the same kind of people and things in your life, like the kind of person you are. If you want good things to start happen to you, you need to give the Universe off the same kind of vibes. Act like you already have those good things, send positive vibes and see how they are reciprocated back into your life.

Staying positive will not only help attract positivity in your life, but it will also help you face the tougher times relatively easily. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. And we have a feeling that having a positive mindset coupled with resilience has got to be at least one of the main traits of the Tough and Brave.

The first step you take for stepping out of your comfort zone is always going to be the hardest because the fear that comes with it is also the strongest then. The farther you walk away from your comfort trap, the fear also starts to loosen its grip on you, making you feel confident. And before you know it, you have left your fears behind, while you are walking ahead with your head held up high, prepared to meet whatever may come your way.

These are just some of the tips that can help you take that first step and leave your comfort trap.  What do you do that helps you take your first step when starting something new?