The Impossible Task – How to Stop Work Stress from Overwhelming You

You’re handling your projects well and on time, and your boss is happy.

You’re handling complicated clients and you’re sure that one day, all this hard work will lead to that promotion you so richly deserve.

All of a sudden, your body starts hinting at the excruciating routine you put it through. You start feeling fatigued; headaches become frequent and that familiar ache in the joints. You start feeling depressed, anxious and hopeless, mostly at moments that don’t even warrant such a mental response.

The truth is, at its base level, stress is a response to not being in control— being helpless. The pressure starts getting to you, and while you know you’ll need to dial it way down, you can’t. You want to experience job satisfaction, and that’s what you’re working at. But right then, it may seem like you’re on the road to nowhere.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be the case though.

What to Do When the Job Stress is too Much

A simple Google search will offer you a lot of answers to this question. Multiple articles will announce the same solutions;

Take time off!

Talk to a superior!

Don’t be a hero!

Get some support!

But when you think about it, when was the last time you followed something you read? The above tips, while helpful don’t really go to the root cause of your problem, the source of your stress. And that’s what we’re focusing on here. You need to step out of your comfort trap and take the time to implement stress-coping strategies, rather than tips from filler articles.

Identify What You Can’t Control

Control is something everyone craves. You need to have a hand on different situations in your life in order to have a favorable outcome. We often face stress because we don’t have that control. Recognize that situation. What is it in your work life that you can’t control? How are you reacting to this?

You cannot control everything in your life, but what you can; make an effort to make no mistake in it.

Learn to Let Go

Easier said than done is an understatement for this sentiment. But it is not impossible. Taking a deep breath and letting go is something that only you can do. Rather than letting a mental block or a deadline push you into taking on more stress, take the time to let that thing go. And by that, allow it to loosen its grips on you. For instance, if you’re in a toxic environment, let go of those who make you feel that way. To yourself, you are the most important person; don’t give something else a priority over you.

Eliminate this distraction from your day. You’ll not only feel less stressed, you’ll feel less drained.

Sleep and Eat

According to a report by the NY Post, millions of Americans are rushing through lunch, with some skipping it altogether, all for the sake of productivity.

Yet, there are many who are eating right, sleeping right, and still providing great results. Again, give priority to yourself. Have lunch; and eat what you want to eat. While you may want to limit yourself to some healthy meals, don’t guilt yourself into sticking with a strictly healthy diet. Give yourself cheat days.

And when you’re done with your meals, sleep. An average full-time workday stretches to 9 hours. Take that out of the equation, you have 15 hours. Take 5-6 hours for rest and extra stress from the 9 hours you spend living a personal life, and you have a schedule that completely exhausts you.

Dedicate a weekend to sleeping early, possibly around 9 o’clock or 10 o’clock. Wake up at your regular time the next day. You’ll see a world of change in your attitude.

The Bottom Line…

Discipline yourself against stress! This is a comfort zone challenge you need to succeed in. Don’t let stress drive you away from an opportunity that could offer you the job satisfaction you seek!