Depression isn’t a Lifelong Companion – Here’s How to Defeat it

You feel sad all the time, and you just can’t find the motivation to live life normally.

Is this what depression is?

Understanding the truth about Depression

Depression is a lot more than just another emotion that you can’t explain. Its effects are different for everyone. It not only affects your mental health, but your physical health as well, and no matter how much medicine for them, it doesn’t really go away as quickly as you wish.

In some ways, depression becomes a companion. However, that’s where the definition of this mental health condition changes. Many professionals try to pass off depression by giving an example of a pet. It’s with you all the time, hanging around begrudgingly, and never going away. Sometimes you’re aware of its presence. Other times, you’re not even aware until it starts pestering you and you’re not able to do anything else.

But there’s something wrong with this analogy.

Depression isn’t a pet. It is not a condition that can be dumbed down or simplified to make others understand its existence. Depression is a black cloud that takes over you, and there’s absolutely no reason why you should become used to its existence in your life.

Defeating Depression – What You Should Do

Recognize the Symptoms

For someone who suffers from depression, they aren’t going through it 24/7. Depression moves over you like a cloud. You wake up one day and you feel some extra weight on your shoulders, a certain cynical edge in your thoughts. Those are the symptoms. Be aware of what is happening to you, and understand that life isn’t bringing those negative thoughts; it’s your depression that’s pushing you into seeing the bad side of things.


Repeat this phrase:

Crying is not a weakness. It is an emotional response. Humans feel emotion. You are a human. You are allowed to cry.

Society has forced us to believe that if we cry, we’re not as strong as we should be. We are weak, and if we cry, it’s going to be a mark on your ego and personality. This is especially concerning for the male gender in our society as well.

Throw such thoughts away. Crying is an emotional response and you are allowed to feel it if you feel overwhelmed. It shows that you’re in touch with your feelings, that you’re aware of what’s happening and you’re letting that energy out. Cry.

Find a Way to Bring that Negative Energy Out

If even crying isn’t doing it for you, find another way to take that energy out, an active way. Try exercising, yoga, Zumba; anything that requires you to move. Try cooking as a new skill or dancing, something that makes you happy, something that’s completely new to you. A lot of the time, depression can be very mentally exhausting and draining. Make good use of that extra energy that depression is taking out of you.

The Bottom Line…

Rather than being trapped in a comfort zone, break out of it and defeat depression by learning the right tricks.

There’s so much you can do to become emotionally stronger. Use effective stress-coping strategies and bring yourself out of that stupor.